Bridgestone Golf 2015 e6 Golf Balls , White, Pack of 12

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The NEW 2015 e6 offers a 326 Web Dimple Pattern and 3-piece Ionomer cover construction for softer feel and longer distance. The e6 is the softest multilayer golf ball in the market and is available in 3 color options – Optic White, Optic Yellow and Optic Orange.

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Customer Reviews

Bridgestone e6 Balls

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 on September 29, 2015
By Kem Smith
As I have gotten older golf balls just don’t go as far as they did in my youth. Such is life. I changed over from a high spin ball (Bridgeston 330’s and Pro V1x) about a year and a half ago. Truth is, even as a 9 handicap, I don’t need this amount of spin around the greens. And I really don’t want it off the tee. I started with the Titleist NXT Tour and then to the Titleist Velocity. All in the search for extra distance. Found it with the Velocity but struggled around the greens. The ball is very firm (read hard). Decided to try these e6’s largely because of reviews in Golf Digest.

Love the New 2015 E6

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 on April 3, 2015
Same Distance, still straight but with a softer feel. The new Ionomer cover construction is the reason I believe. I loved the 2013 models but these hold the green just a little better and feel much better off the putter.

A good ball for those with handicap over 10.

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 on December 2, 2016
By Amazon customer
A great ball. The ball does not seem to have as much spin which results in more fairways and lower scores. Most players do not slice/hook or fade/draw the ball on purpose resulting to extra strokes. Now, you can still loose the ball one way or another, but is seems less extreme as a proV. One downfall I see is stoping the ball on the green. I generally get the ball to stop immediately and back up a bit, this one releases about 5-10 feet. Likely a result of minimal ball spin. I would recommend for any player over a 10 handicap.

A great deal!

 on February 6, 2017
By storm
I’ve been purchasing and using refurbished e6 Yellow golf balls for three years because the price was right and although used, they hold up very well during a round. These 2015 e6 golf balls are in their original packaging so they are like new except a few years old. For the price, it is a better deal than purchasing refurbished e6s.


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 on August 18, 2015
By Amazon Customer
A remarkable ball! I hit the ball between 280 – 310. Before this ball slices were a common occurrence and lost balls inevitable. I played with these balls the day I got them and lost one ball on 18! My confidence was so high I tried to short cut a dog leg left up hill 262 yds with a 3 wood. Dumb I know but this ball will do that to you. Good luck, hit’em straight!

Sold on the E6

 on February 5, 2017
By Charles Doyle
The E6 is a solid ball for the money. I shoot in the low 90`s and on avg lose couple balls per round. I don’t want a high spin ball when I land the green the ball stops but I’m not drawing it back a few feet. Seems to minimize the occasional slice and my golf buddy hits a Pro V1 maybe 10 yards farther on avg but he’s got 8″ on me too so his club head speed is better. The point being your not giving up distance with the E6.

Best Ball!!!

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 on June 1, 2015
By Fay
I usually use pro V1s and love them. I ordered these because a friend of mine swears by them and they were cheaper. I took them for a spin and I was pleasantly surprised, they hit straighter for me and still stuck like darts on the green. I played my best game yet with them, these will be my number one ball from now on

Good purchase.

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 on October 18, 2016
By Whitney Perry
Knowing that golf ball technology gets better every year, I was hesitant to purchase these. However, so far, they seem great! I am one who doesn’t thoroughly notice the different in golf balls when out golfing (unless it’s a very drastic difference in ball vs. a Bridgestone or ProVI), these seem to hit just fine.

Excellent ball to play.

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 on May 10, 2015
By David Perry
Excellent golf ball. Good control and distance, my fairway percentage gone up 75 – 80% since I switched.

I am by no means a great golfer but I’ve played a few rounds with these …

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 on May 7, 2016
By Amazon Customer
I am by no means a great golfer but I’ve played a few rounds with these so far and they seem pretty forgiving and fly straighter than any titleist I’ve use in the past. Also for what it’s worth I haven’t had any problem with them around or on the green. I’ll be using these going forward

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