Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

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A timeless classic with nearly one million copies in print, Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons outlines the building blocks of winning golf from one of the all-time masters of the sport—fully illustrated with drawings and diagrams to improve your game instantly.

Ben Hogan, one of the greatest golfers in the history of the sport, believed that any golfer with average coordination can learn to break eighty—if one applies oneself patiently and intelligently. With the techniques revealed in this classic book, you can learn how to make your game work from tee to green, step-by-step and stroke by stroke.

In each chapter, a different experience-tested fundamental is explained and demonstrated with clear illustrations—as though Hogan were giving you a personal lesson with the same skill and precision that made him a legend. Whether you’re a novice player or an experienced pro, Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons is a must-have reference for anyone who knows that fundamentals are where champions begin.

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Customer Reviews

A great read with excellent graphics!

 on July 16, 2016
By John Stewart
Hogan’s book is a short, but comprehensive analysis of the golf swing. His stated purpose of giving the average weekend golfer the tools to develop a repeatable golf swing has, in my opinion, been met. The fundamentals he espouses are few, and simple enough to implement without causing one to overthink. I found his views about grip and stance, and their importance in setting up the rest of the swing, particularly helpful. If you’re a student of the game, this book is a prerequisite before reading the multitude of expert analyses of Hogan’s swing that are available elsewhere. The advanced golfer interested in developing his/her knowledge of shaping shots and ball flight won’t find information here. But if you’re like me and want to develop better consistency of contact with all your clubs and eliminate anxiety as you stand over the ball, then this book is for you.

Excellent Book!

 on October 16, 2017
By Hook'nBull
I’m of slight physical build and actually a couple of inches shorter than Ben Hogan but his physical characteristics seemed very similar to my own, so I took an interest in reading this book. I think it’s been the single biggest improvement to my golf game in 20+ years. I’ve never taken lessons and this book has become my golf bible for swing mechanics. The guidance and tips seem to align with my physical capabilities very well. I’m hitting my clubs sharper with more control and distance than ever before. I’ve had the book for more than a year and have gradually added a tip or two to my practice with it just recently starting to pay off. My scores have gone from the mid 90s to low 80s and I’m playing with a confidence I’ve never had before. One of the biggest struggles had always been setup and the tips for playing the ball in the same position and simply making slight adjusting to your stance (mainly your back foot) w/each club has proven invaluable for me. I read a review where someone said the swing mechanics and tips in this book are dated but I haven’t found that to be the case at all. I think the key to this book helping is not giving up and practicing the tips regularly. If something doesn’t work at first, try one of the other tips and come back to the one that’s giving you trouble later. I wouldn’t try to completely change your swing but if you can slowly start to add some of his techniques, I think you’ll find your swing will begin to mimic what he’s explaining in the book. It’s worked for me b/c I knew I struggled with setup and being able to start with that section enabled me to easily progress into his other techniques.

All you really need to know about the golf swing

 on July 13, 2018
By JVincent
I’m a novice golfer that has been away for the sport for several years. Getting back into it I wanted to find a resource that took a simple and direct approach to the golf swing. I think I have found it. In a sea of technology, social media marketing and five steps programs to driving the ball 300+ yards, this book gets right down to business and what the golf swing is really all about. If you take the teachings and then go online and see the many slow motion videos of Mr. Hogan’s swing, then you can really see how it all comes together. And the illustrations in the book are very effective and well done too. I’m a visual learner, so that was important to me. Lastly, I’ll say that I love the way this book is written. Somehow it seems to give you a sense not just about the swing, but about the man behind perhaps the most beautiful swing in golf history. Very beautifully executed book.

Wish I read this 20 years ago……..

 on December 12, 2017
By Seth P.
Wish I read this 20 years ago when I first started playing the game. Over the years I learned things that made my game decently work. After reading this, it became apparent that my fundamentals were wayyyyyy off. This brought new perspective to my game. my arms would tire out by the end of a round due to over utilization of my arm muscles. Now, My swing is more efficient, repeatable and effective. Thanks to all the reviewers who highly recommended this!

Hogan’s the man!

 on November 7, 2014
By Louis V. Catalfo Jr.
For any average golfer, if you want to learn how to ball strike the correct way, this is the only book you need. Forget everything else, except watching YouTube videos of Stacy Lewis’s swing which will fine tune what Ben Hogan says here. This is not just the correct way to approach swinging at a golf ball, it’s the only way to build a consistently good golf swing. Read this short little exposee on the golf swing and watch all the tour players out there, with the exception of Bubba Watson (and even Bubba does many things that Hogan recommends in the correct way). So, if you want to learn how to hit a golf ball properly, read this little inexpensive journal, watch Stacy Lewis (and Ben Hogan) hit a golf balls and then practice your butt off. If you grove your swing to this method, I guarantee that you will cut out all those fairway misses (and those from the tee as well). Oh, don’t miss the subtleties. Everything Hogan writes here is important. And, have patience! It takes time to put it into practice on the course, particularly if you are having a bad case of the hooks. Are you listening Tiger Woods?

Senior golfer finally gets help

 on May 12, 2017
By Joe Rogalski
I am a terrible golfer all though I have only been playing for only 50 years. Read this book and noticed immediate improvements. Better than the 5000 videos I watched on Utube .

I had the pleasure of watching Ben Hogan practice at …

 on December 19, 2017
By Bruce McKenzie
I had the pleasure of watching Ben Hogan practice at Lost Tree Country Cllub in North Palm Beach, Florida for 48 minutes in 1969….. I sat on my golf bag with three Caddies and we witnessed Mr. Hogan have the purest ball striking session everseen to this day….. this book is golfs Bible to learn the exact way to get the most efficiant golf swing that will last through your golf career…..This is a must have in your golf library that you will cherish for many years…

As a beginner golfer, this book helped me to …

 on September 10, 2016
By Brian
As a beginner golfer, this book helped me to understand what the difference is between fundamentals and fixes. Some of the other reviews made me worry that Hogan would spend too much time talking about specific things he does for his own swing fixes, but this was NOT the case. He mentions how certain things he does are specific to him with the caveat that they are not fundamentals and continues to emphasize the difference to the reader. He also manages to organize a lot of information into what only translates to a small number of swing thoughts so that, as a beginner, I did not feel overwhelmed applying what he suggests when I was actually swinging the club.

Great Guide to Better Golf

 on December 9, 2016
By Russ Jones
As a long-time, infrequent and high-handicap golfer, I’ve found this book to be invaluable in helping me develop consistency and length in all my shots.

The myth that overcame the legend

 on January 10, 2012
By Alejandro Cabrera
I won’t go into a summary of the 5 Lessons because, well, it hardly needs one. What I will say is that the notion that the average golfer would suffer by paying attention to what Mr. Hogan describes in this masterpiece is utterly ridiculous. The facts are the following:

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