Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

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A timeless classic with nearly one million copies in print, Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons outlines the building blocks of winning golf from one of the all-time masters of the sport—fully illustrated with drawings and diagrams to improve your game instantly.

Ben Hogan, one of the greatest golfers in the history of the sport, believed that any golfer with average coordination can learn to break eighty—if one applies oneself patiently and intelligently. With the techniques revealed in this classic book, you can learn how to make your game work from tee to green, step-by-step and stroke by stroke.

In each chapter, a different experience-tested fundamental is explained and demonstrated with clear illustrations—as though Hogan were giving you a personal lesson with the same skill and precision that made him a legend. Whether you’re a novice player or an experienced pro, Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons is a must-have reference for anyone who knows that fundamentals are where champions begin.

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Customer Reviews

A great read with excellent graphics!

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 on July 16, 2016
By John Stewart
Hogan’s book is a short, but comprehensive analysis of the golf swing. His stated purpose of giving the average weekend golfer the tools to develop a repeatable golf swing has, in my opinion, been met. The fundamentals he espouses are few, and simple enough to implement without causing one to overthink. I found his views about grip and stance, and their importance in setting up the rest of the swing, particularly helpful. If you’re a student of the game, this book is a prerequisite before reading the multitude of expert analyses of Hogan’s swing that are available elsewhere. The advanced golfer interested in developing his/her knowledge of shaping shots and ball flight won’t find information here. But if you’re like me and want to develop better consistency of contact with all your clubs and eliminate anxiety as you stand over the ball, then this book is for you.

Best Book Ever On Golf

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 on December 20, 2013
By Jeffrey W. Smith
Before I write this, let me say that my son, my daughter, and myself are all mid-single digit handicappers and the kids had been through 2 1/2 years of private lessons as well as a lot of tournament golf.

Read this book and this book only and save yourself time and money

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 on December 12, 2016
By Travis
Just the stuff on the grip alone will help your game dramatically. Word of caution a lot of so called golf gurus will tell you stuff that directly goes against perhaps the greatest manual for golfing ever made. Who are you going to trust, I would build my game around this book before I would any guy on youtube.

The myth that overcame the legend

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 on January 10, 2012
By Alejandro Cabrera
I won’t go into a summary of the 5 Lessons because, well, it hardly needs one. What I will say is that the notion that the average golfer would suffer by paying attention to what Mr. Hogan describes in this masterpiece is utterly ridiculous. The facts are the following:

Great Guide to Better Golf

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 on December 9, 2016
By Russ Jones
As a long-time, infrequent and high-handicap golfer, I’ve found this book to be invaluable in helping me develop consistency and length in all my shots.

Bottom of the arc

 on April 6, 2017
Excellent description and illustration of the golf swing. The fundamentals from the grip to the high finish and everything in between is clear . It took me a half day to find the the bottom of my swing consistently, applying the advice in the book, can’t tell you how much fun it is when you hit ball first then divot in front of the ball. A must read if you are starting out or have been playing for awhile.

Excellent for New Golfers – Learn Good Habits Early

 on June 14, 2016
I can’t rate this book highly enough for new golfers.

Excellent Book But Parts Now A Bit Dated

 on January 4, 2015
By D. Fisher
I read this book originally when I was a boy just taking up golf. Now 40 years later I picked it up again and still found it quite useful. Its a very interesting and helpful primer on the golf swing– circa 1950. Much of the advice is still very accurate but the reader should understand that some of its key principals have been modified or even abandoned today. The swing is flatter and more constricted than current methods prescribe. The grip is also much weaker. Those points being made, you can see the similarities in what Hogan advocated in some of our most famous modern swing doctors, including David Ledbedder and Hank Haney. It is a good book for both the beginning hacker and accomplished players alike. The drawings alone are a treat. I would use this book as a solid reference but not as my only swing manual. Freeing the hips, rather than constricting them, strengthening the grip for added distance, adjusting the swing plane upward, and making the swing less segmented and more one piece will allow you to take most of the instruction you find in this classic book and use it as a modern golf swing. Take the parts that work for you and you will become a more consistent ball striker. But you have to practice. A lot.

The instruction and illustrations in this book were excellent. It was all well organized and detailed without …

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 on July 8, 2016
By Plantain Hill
Much more interesting than I had envisioned an instructional on golf to be…

Worth the read but be cautious

 on April 15, 2016
By Joe
No doubt Ben Hogan was one of the best ball strikers of all time. In reading the book you understand he spent every wakening minute thinking about golf and hoeing his game. He wrote the 5 lessons to teach people how to be repetitive with the swing and how keeping to these foundations would pay off. I’ve been playing golf off and on for about 20 years and within the last few years took it on more seriously. I now play once a week and hit the range 2 to 3 times. Last year I took lessons for the first time and it something I should have done years ago. You need to understand the basic of golf and trying to figure it out on your own only allows you to change one wrong thing with another wrong. The addition of book is helping me but with caution*** I don’t think you can apply everything he says exactly the way Ben is teaching because we are all different. The grip and stance I feel are universal. The back and forward swing need some adjusting based on the player. I do find the glass plane theory important. I can see how trying to mimic his exact motions would be bad. Buy the book as it will help but be remember to swing your swing……

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