NSD Power Essential Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser

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Innovative Gyroscopic Resistance Training makes it easy and fun to exercise Anywhere

Wrist movement
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The innovative exercise machine will allow you to exercise and work-out ANYWHERE!

Don't let the small size fool you. Pick one up, spin it up to 10,000+ RPM and you'll be amazed by the amount of physical work required to keep it spinning at speed, using such a small compact motion. Go ahead, feel the burning forearm after a minute of use. Because the resistance is provided by angular momentum built up through a spinning mass, a few minutes a day on our Spinner can be equivalent to hours of full motion work with a dumbbell or a curl. For athletes, amateur and professional alike, strong grip and forearm provide the ultimate in power, speed, and control in just about everything you do. Be it golf, tennis, baseball or just about any sport that involves the use of hands and arms, using the NSD Spinner will allow you to hit it harder, hit it faster and hit it straighter. Besides the physical benefits, it is just downright FUN to play with. Challenge a friend. Challenge a co-worker. Or a family member. See who can make the Spinner spin faster or glow brighter. See who can keep their Spinner spinning longer. Or break it out during "break time" at work as your co-workers gather to watch in awe. You can have fun while exercising, or exercise while you have fun.

Tips on Operating your NSD Spinner

No battery required; Just like riding a bike! Your hand is the battery of this device. The motion of your hand rotating the Spinner is similar to making ice cubes swirl inside a glass. The essence of operating the Spinner is not about how fast you rotate your wrist. It’s about how to synchronize your wrist rotation to the momentum and timing the rhythm of the rotor’s gyration. The faster the rotor spins, the easier it is to operate. Make sure you start the Spinner with sufficient speed.


*Keep your Spinner from dusty environments. Don’t put your Spinner on the carpet or any fabrics. Dust may be brought into the internal surface of the shell by the rotor and make the inner tracks dirty. Eventually it would make noise as the rotor spins. *Wash your hands before using the Spinner. Sweat or lotion on your hands will decrease the capability of speeding up the Spinner's RPM. The Speed is increased by the friction between the spinning rotor and the inner tracks. Never lubricate your Spinner. Oil is the killer of its friction. *Clean your Spinner periodically. To clean the Spinner, take off the rubber band, unscrew the shells with a precision screwdriver, insert a coin into the gap between the upper and lower shells and then twist the coin to open the shells. Once you disassemble the Spinner, (remove the digital counter first if your model is equipped with it) use water ONLY to clean the tracks and shells and then dry the parts before re-assembling. For PB-688 series models, you may also reverse the two inner tracks to make your Spinner spin as smoothly as new.

Verify Genuine NSD Products

Counterfeiting is a form of fraud that deceives you into buying poor quality and unreliable products by stating otherwise, and offers none of the quality and reliability that comes with an Original NSD Power Spinner. To protect you against such fraudulent practices, NSD has taken steps to ensure that the products you have purchased are adequately protected with security "NSD" marks on the shell and the Printed Circuit Board, PCB, in the Digital Speedometer to prevent counterfeiting. In addition, all NSD Model Numbers start from two capital letters "PB" (ex. PB-688AMLC Purple). On every single packaging box and user manual, you can find mainly international patent numbers that NSD was granted. You may also spot a counterfeit by the following: Missing NSD logo on product or packaging; Signs of repackaging; Rusty PCB in the digital counter; Questionable price and Poor quality. ***To help consumers distinguish genuine NSD products from knockoffs, NSD markets and promotes its products with the names, "NSD Spinner" and "NSD Power Spinner," in North America. ***

NSD has developed many patented innovations below since 1992:

Classic NSD Power Spinner, PB-188 series, in 1993 Battery-powered Speedometer, SM-01, in 1998 Fluorescent NSD Spinner powered by an inner generator, PB-188L series, in 1999 LED-Matrix displaying top speed Spinner, PB-188P, in 2004 Formula One cars' engine sound effect Spinner, PB-188S, in 2006 Metallic NSD Spinner, PB-388 series, in 2008 AutoStart NSD Spinner, PB-188A series, in 2010 Multi-color lights NSD Spinner, PB-188ML series, in 2011 Bluetooth enabled NSD Spinner in 2012 AutoStart & Fluorescent featured Spinner, PB-188AML & PB-188AMLC, in 2013 Precision Sterling NSD Spinner, PB-588 series, in 2013 Break-Resistant NSD Spinner, PB-688 series, in 2013 Battery-free with Amber Backlit LCD Screen Speedometer, SM-02, in 2013 AutoStart & Break-Resistant Metallic Spinner, PB-888A series, in 2014

The NSD Highest Standard

Decades of NSD research have achieved performance innovations for the world’s ATHLETES, TRAINERS, and RSI SUFFERERS. In the process, NSD has raised the bar of durability and functionality, and our inventions now serve the industries of Health, Fitness and Sports. Each and every NSD Spinner that leaves our factory has to meet the toughest quality standards in the industry. Our manufacturing and assembly processes are monitored closely and each Spinner is QC tested vigorously to ensure you are getting the highest quality product available. NSD Spinners are certified under the stringent REACH and RoHS directive established by the European Union for the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posted by chemicals. This is the NSD Standard.

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PB-688 Amber

PB-688C Green

PB-688LC Blue

PB-688AC Black


Ergonomic Grip

Military-Grade Plastic Shell

Patented Break-Resistant Structure Design (Worry-free to drop)

2X Lifespan; Reversible & Renewable inner tracks

Battery-Free & Amber backlit LCD Display Counter SM-02

AutoStart Internal Pre-tensioner

LED Lights powered by an inner generator

Speed Variable Multi-colored LED Lights

Product Details

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  • ASIN: B00A7Q1GSC
  • Item model number: PB-688-PARENT

Customer Reviews


1 helpful vote
 on June 18, 2017
By Charles Hine
Looked at the 1 star reviews, and was prompted to post 5 star. Don’t know how long my NSD Spinner will last; I am using it several times a week. I liked the spinner so much that I purchases a second one for a friend in wrist/arm rehab. We are both enjoying this immensely. If it breaks, I will probably purchase a more expensive one, probably from NSD, as looking at the one star reviews, I find NSD’s customer service responsive.

Love it.

1 helpful vote
 on March 13, 2017
By lightnup
I love using this exerciser. It’s a lot of fun and if you spin it as fast as you can it will work your forearm and wrist out well. The only change I would make would to buy one that has the auto start feature so you don’t have to have the string. You can start this one without the string but it’s pretty hard to do sometimes.

Ideal for Rock Climbers.

1 helpful vote
 on April 23, 2017
By Lauren Stanberry
I love this little gadget. I can spin this while I’m bored at work or if I’m watching something on Netflix. It definitely gives my arms a good burn. I would recommend this to all the rock climbers out there who want a little forearm exercise. I think it also helps strengthen wrists too.


 on August 18, 2017
By Pau1A11en
I have used the other major brand who’s name escapes atm, its 3 letters or something, and was glad I went with the unknown this time. this one is easier to keep spinning at lower speeds so u can go longer. I find at full force either arm won’t go two min even. I like the lack of lights so I can use it whilst driving at night.

I find this to be quite a hand, finger, and forearm workout

8 helpful votes
 on July 19, 2013
By The Suburban Hippie Experimentalist
UPDATE AS OF 8/26/2013 at the bottom of review..

Oh Yea.. Feel The Burn!

3 helpful votes
 on March 22, 2017
By ☮ S.Trasny
I bought this NSD Power Essential Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser on a whim after trying numerous exercises, wraps, lotions, salves and meds to deal with experiencing prolonged pain from forearm muscle damage. My expectations were low so I’ve been wonderfully surprised to find that the pain I’ve been experiencing for near a year has gone down greatly in the course of less than a couple of weeks. I’m being careful and am following instructions I was given. No more than thirty seconds at a time, for three times a day max, with a minimum of an hour in between has resulted in something wonderful happening. I don’t understand what it’s doing, but I’m thankful it’s doing it. If all’s good at the end of two weeks, I have a green light to increase from thirty seconds a pop to a whole minute. A minute might not seem long, but I am telling you, that if you haven’t been doing any wrist or arm muscle strengthening, a minute will be a goal that you won’t realize right off the bat. Yes, it takes time to get it going right. It was downright annoying the first couple of days, but like anything, keep trying it gets easier and easier. The spinner came with 2 starter cords and I’ve lost one already when it flew off after a particularly hard pull. Another surprise was realizing that I’m feeling it in my bicep too. When I get up to some real extended time for multiple times a day, I think I’ll be seeing some major toning up all over my arm, not just the wrist and forearm. Need to workout your arms a bit? I highly recommend the NSD Power Essential Spinner as an introduction to toning and a prelim to lifting.

Strengthens Wrists but Can’t Do It for too long without becoming achy

 on December 24, 2014
By danc
So I’ve been playing violin and piano for awhile along with using a computer a lot and I developed a bad case of tendonitis. I wear wrist braces on both arms during the night to help prevent my wrists from bending. I’ve had this condition for a couple months and had to stop playing piano and in orchestra for a couple months. I decided that I can’t wait any longer for this to heal because I was upset that I couldn’t do anything without severe wrist pain that lasted for hours. Several of my family members told me that I should exercise it and some people told me about those balls that you squeeze in your hands. So I tried the exercises which didn’t really work and I didn’t want to spend money on squeezing a ball that may or may not work. So I found this and decided to give it a try. I was skeptical about buying it because of the lack of costumer reviews.I decided to give it a shot because i heard it was good for rsi(repetitive stress injuries). So when I first got it I found it very hard to get it started. You have to put the string on similar to yo-yo and pull HARD while spinning your wrist in a motion similar to opening a door knob. After 30 seconds of this my wrists were tired and sour. They were sour for the first two weeks after using this once a day and one minute on each hand. Then on the third week I discovered that I could actually do it for a full minute. I noticed that when I went back to play violin that my wrists didn’t hurt as much after playing as they used to. My hands also felt more relaxed and I discovered that I had less wrist pain and I could do more activities for longer without any pain. So I am going on my fourth week after using it for one minute on each hand once a day. I notice that I’m having more trouble than before doing it for a full minute because I guess that it’s wearing out from constant use and it takes more force to spin. My wrists are also starting to ache again and fell very tired. So I am going to try to do it every other day instead. I will post an update on how my wrists are in a week or two from constant use.

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