Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid

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Tired of practicing your swing for weeks on end with nothing to show for it? Turn to the Swingyde golf training aid, which helps you achieve greater distance and accuracy each time you step on the course. The Swingyde works intuitively, with a clip that attaches to the shaft of your club on one end, and a built-in rest that touches your left forearm on the other. The rest encourages your wrist to cock properly during the swing, helping improve your swing plane, swing tempo, clubface alignment, impact position, and follow through. Now you can know what it feels like to swing like a pro. The Swingyde is lightweight and easy to attach, and works for both right- and left-handed golfers.

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Customer Reviews

Dude…..Buy it!!!! This thing is amazing….

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 on May 22, 2014
By The dude
I have attempted to play the puzzling game of golf since 2007 with very inconsistent results. I have experienced moments of triumph and bouts of pure agony. I am not un-athletic and have above average hand/eye coordination. My results on the course however have been very inconsistent in spite of my efforts. I have read books, bought training aides, and taken lessons. I play better than my friends who play less than me but I was still terrible. I went out to a local par 3 a few weeks ago and I was shanking the ball on every shot which even for me was disheartening. My plan was to put my clubs down and not touch them for 6 months, then sell them. I hate to say it.. but I was about to quit. So I googled, “best golf training aide” and one of the first things that came up was the Swingyde. My initials thoughts are “useless piece of plastic” if anyone remembers the Dana Carvey stand-up skit… But I figured what do I have to lose? So this unimpressive piece of plastic shows up 2 weeks ago in a box with a dvd, sweat band, and really cool rubber band. I felt ashamed… duped again by a unscrupulous entrepreneur mercileesly taking advantage of my lust for golfing excellence. So I put the thing on my 9 iron and make my typical hack. My left forearm isn’t mating with the swingyde’s pocket on the backswing and certainly not the follow through. So I take a deep breath and slow things down. Instead of keeping my head still and foocused on the target I watch my arms go back to insure my forearm makes love to the tip of the swingyde. After a few tries I consistently get the swing guide to say “yes” instead of “no”. The follow through is a little trickier but eventually I get that too. After I little while(20 minutes) I can feel that I am more in control. On the hilariously outdated DVD the guy (RIP) says the golf swing is not a “thought process” its “just forming a habit with our muscles”. So for the next week I spend 20 minutes each morning and night swinging my 9 iron with the swingyde attached. I can tell when swings are good and swings are not good and the good ones happen more frequesntly. I have a shag carpet that has been in my house since 1984 and anytime I swing well it leaves a nice divot and I can tell how the club head came through at impact. I could for whatever reason hit a driver decently and putt but I was garbage with my irons. So after a week of my in home training sessions I finally had time to visit my local “executive 9 hole course”. They should really call these middle management courses. Anyway I get to the first tee and I’m tense and as tight a Kardashian’s face after a botox treatment and chunk my first shot. My thought is “useless piece of plastic.” I get to the second hole which is a uphill 136 yard par 3 obviously with a back pin position. I suck so I have to use my 7 iron and a tee, so I’m not too proud. This time I took some deep breaths and thought about the hottest girlfriend I ever had, but more importantly when I took my two practice swings I imagined the swingyde was lovingly hugging the grip of my club. I addressed the ball, pulled my club back and let God take care of the rest. What I felt can be best described by one of my favorite authors John Updike. He said, “hitting a pure golf shot is a religious experience.” It felt like I hit the best iron shot of my life. I felt like I made that ball my b****. It hits the green rolls and lands about 10 feet from the pin, which for me…is amazing. I looked around and saw I was alone. Probably because it was 8:22am on a Thursday. I felt like a Greek God. I decided well I’ll get real crazy and hit my ball off the ground with no tee and try to replicate my previous shots awesomeness. I threw a ball down on the tee box, went through my routine, and struck it. This one was even better. I really trapped the ball between my club and the ground, heard that fantastic smack, saw a beavertail fly through the air and my ball soar trough the air gently landing on the green and rolling 4 fee away from the hole. That was this morning, and if you’re still reading this you can probably tell I love the swing guide. It could be $400 because that’s how much I was about to blow on lessons. And this dumb thing has me striking the ball in ways I never thought possible. I want to give it as a present to everyone I know who has even heard of golf. I want to fly out to Australia and find whoever made this thing and have his offspring marry my daughters. All kidding aside I have never written a “online review” for anything in my life but the swingyde is freaking awesome. I’ve only been using it two weeks and it has probably taken years off my futile attempts at trying to get better. I havent even put it on my driver yet but I know when I do I’ll be crushing it. I gave it to my really hot young girlfriend who never swung a club and after a few swings even she looked like Natalie Goublis. I have the thing next to me right now while I write this review. I even sleep with it at night. If you want to hit pure shots and actually enjoy golf please I implore you buy it. It will be the best $30 you ever spent. It was for me. God bless. Thank you. Hail to the Redskins.

This is a GREAT product! I have been playing golf for over …

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 on March 30, 2016
By Amazon Customer
This is a GREAT product! I have been playing golf for over 20 years, and in my time playing I have to say this is one of the best products I have ever used. I have been taught by top 100 golf instructors and have read numerous books on the various fundamentals of the golf swing, and in only 3 range sessions I am hitting the ball more on target and am also hitting the ball 10-15 yards further. At first, I had a very difficult time in mastering the correct swing, however after every session that passes I find that the correct swing is becoming more ingrained. This product is good for both seasoned and new golfers alike. I hope my experience is similar to yours.

Simple and Extremely Effective Training Aid

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 on December 13, 2016
By Charlie
I got one of these a couple of weeks ago and it has helped me tremendously.


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 on May 3, 2016
By Craig T.
First let me start off by saying this is a must have in your golf training aid. I received the product and was a little skeptical at first. I did however hit the range to try out the new toy and immediately felt a difference in my swing. It trains not only your hands but arms as well. I am a big guy (252 Pounds) and it made me twist to get the swingyde back to forearm. It help me realize that I was missing a lot of power by not following through. If you are just starting off then this is for you. I am definitely ordering another to work on my chipping and just to have as a backup. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best training device I’ve ever had

 on November 3, 2014
By Michael Hazard
Best training device I’ve ever had! Have had problems for some time now with shanks. Have tried everything including lessons from 2 different professional instructors but it just got ingrained. This devise (along with a full length mirror) have helped tremendously. I have attached one to a spare club and carry it to the course with me and take a practice swing or two before taking out the club I will actually use and the feel sticks with me. Eventually I will get a permanent feel (I hope). And, no, it doesn’t slow my game down. I play 18 in just over two hours. And, yes, I know it’s not legal but I’m not using it in competition or with scores posted for handicaps.

Recommended by My Golf Pro

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 on April 15, 2013
By bwhulsey
This product was recommended by my local golf pro and I really like the feedback this device provides. This product is great for the golfer who has a club in their room or office and makes a ton of practice swings everyday. It helps me get the feeling of setting my wrists on the backswing and then getting the perfect finish. Taking a million bad swings won’t help your game at all. This product is easy to install and even easier to use. I saw the difference immediately. I took one swing and the bracket did not fall onto my forearm. I made a slight change and focused on making that happen and now it is becoming second nature. Stop practicing a bad swing!!

they are super brittle and will break

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 on June 1, 2017
don’t buy the cheap knock-offs unless you are going to be EXTRA careful . . . . they are super brittle and will break; however, this real one has much better quality plastic that is super malleable and will bend easily

Fantastic device. Use with your golf pro

 on October 1, 2016
By Eric VMD
This product is amazing. I recommend using it with your golf pro. My swing was terribly flat and over the top and I could not release my hips. A half an hour with my pro and this swing aid and I am really hitting well. No longer laying off and really striking the ball. I cannot rave about this enough. Very important to follow instructions and make sure the guide connects with your left forearm and not your right (yes I did this when I first started using and was frustrated). I just ordered another one so I can have one on an iron and one on my driver. A very happy golfer here.

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